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We offer apartments accommodation on island Cres with beautiful views to the sea in two quite different locations: STIVAN and VALUN.

Apartments Stivan, island Cres - beautiful sea views:

Our brand new apartments are located in a peaceful village of Stivan, on the eastern side of island Cres, near Martinscica (3km by road, or 45 min easy walk).

Martinscica is relatively young little town located on the gentlest part of Cres coast,  in a wide bay opened towards southwest. Historic centre is marked by church of St Martin and its Francirean Monastery from 16th century, and family Sforza’s castle from 17th century. Today Martisnica is a very tidy settlement and its tourism is predominantly leaning towards its private and camping accommodation

STIVAN is one of the few well kept secrets of the island Cres. It is a much quieter alternative to a bustly Martinscica or Valun. The place itself is positioned about 700m from the sea and provides unique rural experience. Stivan has kept its original charm and has not been exploited by tourists yet.

A variety of beautiful beaches, sheltered coves and unexplored paradise is certain to please even the fussiest holiday seeker. Whether you prefer swimming in clean blue sea, reading a book on the beach, listening to crickets, resting your eyes on unspoiled Mediterranean scenery covered with olive and fig trees, walking, cycling or exploring the untouched nature, Stivan is an excellent base for a great holiday.  Its unique climate with a refreshing evening breeze will nourish your body after a long sunny day on the beach.  Once you discover it, you will keep coming back again, like many before.

Apartments we offer in Stivan are brand new, with breathtaking views. They are part of the ancestor original-home which has been entirely renovated. House itself is situated on a large block with a native flora. In the first half of the 20th century it used to be a family run restaurant with the name “Bella vista” – come and discover why! Our apartments in Stivan would best suit guests seeking a high level of comfort in a quiet countryside ambient, without noise and summer crowds.
New addition for 2006 season: we now have bikes for rent. Our guests would receive a substantial discount on the bike hire price.

Holiday house Valun, island Cres:

VALUN is a small picturesque fishing village with a long history, situated right by the sea. It is a very popular destination in summer months and it is a genuine miracle that Valun preserved its original architecture and beauty, surviving all the challenges of the modern development threats. Valun is surrounded by 2 magnificent pebbly beaches which in combination with well kept original vegetation attracts a vast amount of holidaymakers. Its pine lined western beach has been voted as one of the best easily accessible beaches on the island and is among top beaches in Croatia. Apart from swimming, Valun is also famous for its gastronomic offerings: it truly is a seafood lover’s paradise. Here you can enjoy a superb local cuisine in an unforgettable ambient. Fresh local fish, lobster, scampi and islands famous barbequed lamb are on everyone’s menu. “Na moru” restaurant has a long renowned reputation for the quality of food, service and location, which made it to the tourist book and magazine covers, and even TV series. Accommodation in Valun is strictly apartment type or in a campground.

In Valun we offer an older-style apartment, fitting into this village compact environment. It is a self-contained part-house with a spacious magical terrace on which you would find spending a lot of your time. The accommodation is much more modest than in Stivan, but it has its true charm. Valun is an unbeatable destination for families with young children, seeking convenience and kids safety, as well as leisure lovers. But be careful, once you come to Valun, your kids won’t let you go anywhere else for holiday!

Apartment Stivan island Cres - top floor, 4+1 persons

Apartment Stivan island Cres - ground floor, 4+1 persons

Apartment Stivan Island Cres Croatia

Island Cres Croatia - Apartment Stivan

Description: 2 bedroom apartment, accommodates up to 5 people, top floor, left

Description: 2 bedroom apartment, accommodates up to 5 people, ground floor

Apartment Stivan island Cres - for 2

Apartment Valun island Cres

Apartment Stivan Island Cres

Holiday house for rent in Valun, island Cres Croatia

Description: 1 bedroom apartment, accommodates 2 people, top floor, right Description: 2 bedroom, 2 story house, accommodates up to 5 people

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